The Move

may 5, 2006

OK, so everything has been moved over to DreamHost. I am pretty sure that the DNS changes have been propagated to most of the internet, so if you're seeing this posting, then you have the new DNS information. This is a big change for me, I have been running my own server for a long time now, a couple of years now. It all started with me running a web server on an old PowerMac, then a Sparc, then a PC. All of this was hosted at my friend John's house. When the old box cooked itself (fan died), I decided to move the server home and started doing it in the office. That was pretty fun, but I got tired of it a while ago -- especially when I started having problems earlier -- first it was a PC that died, then it was a chip that fried, then it was a harddrive that crashed. All those times I wanted to move everything away, but I thought it was going to be a pain. When things fell apart this time, I just had it.  Now that I am working at Yahoo!, I work with Unix boxes all day long.  I just don't need to have the extra work at home with a home server.  So, after consulting with the wife -- and also getting a great promo code from JR -- I went ahead and moved everything to DreamHost.  Getting the web stuff over wasn't painful at all.  I was just worried about getting email working.  That took a little work because my wife and I have hefty email archives.  But after some uploading, it all worked out well. Now to figure out how to archive the off-site email to something more local.  That will be a neat project to do.  Other than that, I don't think I'll have to worry about servers anymore.  It is both a happy thing and a sad thing.  I learned a lot of sysadmin stuff by running my own server and I'll miss that kind of tinkering -- I learned the most when things were broken.  But, I guess I have enough Unix stuff to learn and work with at Yahoo! Hope everyone enjoys the new found bandwidth and speed of the new

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