may 6, 2006

Well, I just finished backing up the databases and mailboxes from the old server. I gracefully shutdown the home server. I took out the heavy-duty Juniper firewall/router. And now the office is very quiet! Well, except for the quiet whine of the CPU fan on my Powerbook. Since I don't have a server to protect anymore, the Juniper Netscreen 5GT is a bit overkill. I'll keep it around in the closet -- just in case. But, I have switched back to using only the Apple Airport Extreme for the household networking needs. I also took out the APC UPS unit that was sitting under the desk -- it had the DSL modem, firewall, and server plugged into it. Since my wife and I use only notebooks at home, we don't need a UPS unit. I'll probably sell that at work. There should be a noticeable savings on our next power bill for all of this equipment going off-line -- especially that CPU in the server.

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