Unsling Made Easy

may 8, 2006

The instructions on how to unsling a NSLU2 are quite hard to find on the website.  So I wanted to document them for myself.  This is how I unslung my NSLU2.  You'll need access to Perl.

  1. Boot up the NSLU2 without any drives attached
  2. Download the firmware
  3. Upgrade the firmware from the web interface
  4. Plug in drive to Disk 1
  5. Format drive
  6. In the Administration | Advanced | Backup section, download the config file (takes a while for it to generate the config.bin file)
  7. Save config.bin
  8. Rename config.bin to config.tar
  9. Untar config.tar
  10. Edit config/passwd
  11. perl -e 'printf "%s\n", crypt("mypassword","na");'
  12. Change the 'root' password to the one that was spit out by the above command
  13. Tar config.tar with the new passwd file
  14. Rename config.tar to config.bin
  15. Restore the config.bin
  16. Use web interface to enable telnet
  17. Telnet into NSLU2 as root
  18. Run /sbin/unsling disk1
  19. Done
It's not too bad, but it's spread over like four pages.

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