Services Switch

may 9, 2006

So, I didn't have to, but I did...When I had my own server running at home, I ran all my mobile internet services through that server.  I had a http-proxy for all of my web traffic, imap server where I picked up my own mail, and smtp server where I sent all of my mail through. Now that the server is gone, I had to find some way of replicating the services that I had before.  That's where I realized that, I didn't have to have all that stuff on my own, but I just did.  T-Mobile has the services set-up already.  They have a http-proxy (, port 8080) and it works just fine -- maybe a bit faster since the proxy is closer to the mobile phone.  They have mail services, but I can't customize my name on the smtp-out is stuck at MyLogin@MyDomain.COM.  I wish I could get it to be "Steve Kong" .  But, hey, I don't send all that many emails using my phone! Anyways, I was going to replicate the services on my NSLU2, but why bother.  I hardly send out email from my phone, so the smtp-out stuff was too much work (setting up the mta, setting up authentication, and all that other jazz).  I had squid running, but it ate up a hefty chunk of memory on the NSLU2, and since the T-Mobile proxy worked fine, I guess I'll just use that.  I don't surf the web that heavily on my mobile either. Yikes.  If I keep this up, all my internet services will be outsourced.  Less headache for me, but also less "hobby" fun.  At least with this mobile stuff, I am just taking advantage of something I am already paying for.

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