Mepis Linux

may 11, 2006

I am still a bit miffed that the upgrade from Fedora Core 4 to Fedora Core 5 broke my ultramookie home server. So, today I downloaded the new OpenSUSE 10.1 (all five discs). But, after my wife and I had dinner at Umi Sushi (recommended), we stopped by Barnes and Noble to browse books and magazines. Flipping through a Linux mag, I found a recommendation to try Mepis Linux. I read through the article and came home to download the Mepis Linux CD (all of one). It is based on Debian and runs on a LiveCD for one to preview the system. It is not as polished or pretty as Fedora Core 5 or OpenSUSE 10, but it runs rather fast. I installed Mepis from the LiveCD (great feature) and now I am writing from Firefox inside Mepis while it is downloading upgrades to the packages installed. Fedora Core 5 was good for the desktop. It was fast and worked OK. I had some minor issues with it -- like the damned thing always going "Back" on a webpage when I used the trackpad on my notebook. I am not sure what that was about, but it only happened in FC5. The main reason I moved away was because of, as I mentioned before, the botched upgrade on my server -- that really left a sour taste in my mouth. And this is coming from a Red Hat user who has been using/upgrading for years now. Anyways, I'll give Mepis a good try. It runs KDE as the default window manager, so now I have to get used to using KDE again after using Gnome for a while. It's OK since KDE is very close in function to Windows.

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