Free Beer...err...Calls!

may 15, 2006

Well, if you make a lot of long distance calls, this maybe a great deal for you. Skype is now offering free long distance calling to all of the US and Canada. The deal lasts until the end of this year, at which time they'll decide if they keep on offering this sweet deal. I don't know how they are going to support this kind of access, but it is a boon for people who like to talk on the phone. From Skype:
Yes. It is really very, very free. There’s no prepayment, no minimum use, no subscription, no monthly fee, no nothing. You just download and install Skype and then you start calling. Both the caller and the number called must be in either the US or Canada. There are no strings attached.
Skype is really fighting hard to get people using their service instead of all the newcomers. Yahoo! Messenger with Voice costs one cent per minute to make PC-to-Phone calls. Google Talk doesn't offer up this type of service. And then there are the VoIP companies like Vonage and Packet8 which all require a monthly subscription. I'm sure the Bells are getting a little anxious.

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