Too Little, Too Late

may 15, 2006

Palm just released the Palm Treo 700p.  It's a version of the Treo that runs the PalmOS instead of Windows Mobile (700w).  It looks like this is strictly a CDMA version of the phone -- has Palm stopped supporting GSM?  I love the PalmOS, always have and always will because it is so simple and reminiscent of the Mac OS.  But, Palm has let it slide to much in the past and I am not sure what Access is doing with the OS now.  The Palm Treo 700p is too little, too late for Palm.  But, it is not only the OS that is a downer to the phone.  The general design of the phone has not changed since inception -- yes, I know, don't change what's not broken.  But, there are things that would be nice for the Treo to have, since other smartphones are starting to get it.  The one thing is:  WiFi.  The leftover annoyance from the original Treo is the antenna.  Why can't Palm get rid of the stupid antenna.  I take a look at the T-Mobile MDA and it has all the things that a smartphone should have:  WiFi, EDGE data, and thumb-board.  On top of that it has no antenna, faster processor and more memory.  Even a smartphone like any Symbian-based Nokia have already shed the antenna.  Why can't Palm?  Oh well.  Too little, too late.

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