Sexy Family Sedan?

june 1, 2006

Huh? Yea, the new 2007 Toyota Camry is pretty hot. The previous ones have all been a bit pedestrian. But, something has happened with Toyota recently. The Solara is a great car, but still, it is a bit pedestrian. Sometime a few years ago, Toyota realized that they could expand their markets by making their cars a bit more stylish. You know, they decided to take a few risks. The result was Scion.  Now, I think they are starting to take a few more risks with their bread and butter line of vehicles.  The proof?  The 2007 Camry.  Wow.  What a great looking car.  Not risque enough to throw off the core buying crowd of the Camry, but risque enough to entice the younger crowd.  Kudos to Toyota!

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