VGA converter on my Powerbook right now -- no DVI cab..." />

Early Birthday Present

june 4, 2006

My birthday is fast coming up -- June 22 -- and my wife got me my present early! Today, she got me a really bright and beautiful Hyundai 19" LCD monitor from Fry's! I have it hooked up via a DVI->VGA converter on my Powerbook right now -- no DVI cable inside the box. At the first chance, I'll be picking up a DVI cable to go all digital. The monitor is really nice! And it works great with the Powerbook. Now I have a desktop that spans two monitors. The whole reason behind the present is so that I can be more ergonomic -- having to work on a notebook when I telecommute is not the best thing for my neck. Having a monitor really makes things a bunch better. Thanks honey! I love the monitor!

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