Microsoft is Brilliant

june 5, 2006

Whoever says that Microsoft is not brilliant...we'll they are foolish. Somehow these guys in Redmond can pull off some of the most insane money-grabbing tricks around. Case in point: Windows OneCare. Forget about creating a secure and efficient OS. If we were to follow Microsoft's lead (and who wouldn't?) then we would create the most insecure and inefficient OS around. We would sell this OS for $399 a pop. Then we would wait for a while as the install base grows. When the OS problems become too much for the (now large) install base, we release a product to "cure" all those problems! But, it is not going to be free! No way, why give it out for free when we can charge for it?  We are going to charge $50 per year to make Windows work as it should. Brilliant.

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