Black is the new White

june 6, 2006

I was working on a post like this yesterday, but didn't get far. But, now...Oh, now it is true! Black is the new White! Who decides these things anyways? Apple. See, Apple had started the whole "black is the new white" thing a while back. The made a black iPod nano -- which quickly outsold the white one. The did the whole next generation iPod with the black or white choice. The new MacBooks come in black or white. And now the new U2 Edition of the iPod takes the whole thing further...Apple has done away with even the shiny silver backside of the iPod. Instead of shiny silver, they have gone...Black! Black metal backing to the new U2 Edition of the iPod. Nice! So, designers everywhere, the news from Cupertino is: Make black the new white.

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