A Phone What?

june 8, 2006

SLVR L7/V8 and RAZR V3
Yesterday at work, I was talking with two co-workers and one of them noticed I got the SLVR. He asked if it were new, and my other co-worker replied, "Yes! He's such a phone whore!" Ha! I have been called lots of things for my love of phones (and watches), but never a "phone whore". Heh. It's not that I have had that many phones...Have I? When I (unfortunately) had SprintPCS, I had only three phones (one Sony [no not Sony Ericsson, but a Sony] and two Samsungs)...I switched to T-Mobile in April 2003, and since then...I have had...a Samsung R225 (still have this one as a backup phone), Nokia 6610, Sony Ericsson T610, Danger Sidekick II, Motorola C650, Sony Ericsson T68i, Motorola RAZR V3 (still have this one), Palm Treo 600, Nokia 6682 (still have this one) and Motorola SLVR L7 (using this one currently). That's one Sony, one Palm, one Danger, two Nokias, two Sony Ericssons, three Samsungs and three Motorolas. That's only thirteen phones...Not too bad right?

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