Communication Hub

june 11, 2006

In today's world with IM clients like Trillian and Adium X, there really is no reason not to be signed onto all IM networks at once. With these "super" clients, you can log into all the networks with a single client. But, it is kind of like having one of those all-in-one remote controls. You can control the TV, TiVo, CD changer, DVD player, and the toaster all with one device -- but you can't get any of the special features of any of the devices. With a super client, you can chat on all of the IM networks, but you really don't get some of the cooler stuff that the networks provide -- VoIP, those annoying talking heads, etc. Now that I got Yahoo! Messenger working with my SLVR and also because I use it all day at work...It is like my "official" IM client. Yes, I still have IM forwarding setup in AIM -- there are only three or four people who are allowed to use AIM to contact me via text messaging though. Everyone else can use Yahoo! Messenger because I have an unlimted GPRS connection and that is what the Yahoo! Messenger runs on. AIM IM forwarding eats up text messages everytime something gets sent. So, IM me, email me, call me, or text me. My phone -- though not a honking large smartphone -- is now my communication hub.

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