I'm So Tired of Googpla

june 12, 2006

I'm so tired of the Google hoopla. Everytime they announce some product -- that was a rip off of some other site -- the media instantly gets a hard-on (sorry, I had to use that phrase because it is quite appropriate for how the media reacts to Google news). After the initial period of slack-jawed "I'm looking into the light" type admiration, the media instantly starts to proclaim the death of the company that originally implemented the idea. I am soooo tired of this cycle. Let me name a few products: Gmail = "Death of webmail for Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail" GFinance = "Death of Yahoo! Finance" GSpreadsheet = "Death of Microsoft Excel" GTalk = "Death of AIM and YIM" GMaps = "Death of Yahoo! Maps" GPages = "Death of all free webhosting sites" GBase = "Death of Ebay" GRRSReader = "Death of Bloglines" And it goes on and on. It's plain stupid. Today? It's GBuy. "Ooooh, Google Buy is going to be the best," the easily excitable press exclaims. Immediately, they exclaim, "Google Buy is going to be the death of Ebay!" Bah! Get with it people. GBase was going to be the death of Ebay. Didn't happen folks. GBase didn't go anywhere (except for letting spammers post their warez). Gmail, GTail, GFinance, GPages, all of them...they haven't amounted to much -- much less amounted to anything worthy of the press that they get. Hell, things like Gmail and GMaps haven't had much change to them in a while. Things like Picasa have just recently learned how to do albums! Geez. The press has better stop drinking the Google Kool Aide.

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