Get The Pooch Ready...

june 15, 2006

Get the pooch ready because Sony is getting ready to screw it.  Ken Kutaragi has come out to say that the PS3 will have different variations and can be upgraded.

[G]ames on PS3 are running on the PS3 with "basic configuration" - software will have different relationship with hardware (including non-gaming applications) in the future - software module will be made inside the PS3 (such as OS?) so PS3 will have no problem adopting new hardware parts (this doesn't mean you can upgrade but just different versions of PS3) - thus two models of PS3 are actually two different configurations, there might be other configurations in future, such as: enhanced version of CELL, more memory etc. The higher-end model of PS3 might be released in future.
Sony does not seem to understand why people like console gaming -- especially people like me.  I like console gaming because I pay for my console once, and then all games run on it.  I don't have to "upgrade" my console to play a game, or to get a better experience.  Everyone has the same platform and everyone will get the same experience.  Game developers love consoles for the same reasons.  They develop for one baseline and don't have to worry about gamers who don't have the latest and greatest video card (or CPU or soundcard or whatever other component). By allowing the PS3 platform to be splintered is to ruin the whole concept of a game console -- it turns the PS3 into a PC -- and if I wanted to do PC gaming, I would buy a PC.  I guess if I want to do console gaming, I'll be buying a Nintendo Wii.

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