SonyBMG's musicbox video

june 19, 2006

In a strange turn of events, Sony BMG has got the right idea!  Yea, after the whole rootkit debacle, Sony BMG looks like it wants to share -- and this is a good thing.  They are now beta testing their musicbox video site that lets everyone watch music videos for free (ad-supported, of course).  You can also share the videos via email, get RSS feeds, and it looks like eventually be able to embed a video player on your own website.  This is a great step in the right direction for Sony BMG.  I hope they keep this kind of stuff going. By the way, Yahoo! Music needs to take note of how Sony BMG has implemented their music video player.  Like other video sites (YouTube, Google Video), Sony BMG has opted not to use Windows Media as the transport for their videos.  They have used Flash and this allows Mac users like me to view the videos without hassle.  I hope Yahoo! Music switches over to something more generic like this soon.  At least now, I have a place where I can go to watch music videos without having to switch to my Windows notebook.

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