Aeon Sucks

june 23, 2006

Oh man, I watched Aeon Flux with my wife tonight and did this movie bite. What was the Academy Award winning Charlize Theron thinking when she signed on for this movie? The story is very standard-fare sci-fi (virus, cloning, etc). The sets actually looked very cool. The special effects were laughably bad. The one thing that I never write about in my reviews is costume design. But, it was so bad in this movie, I have to mention it. The costumes that were done up for Aeon Flux were the type that give off the feeling that the costume designer was thinking too hard -- or created while drunk, smoking some marijuana, and poking themselves in the eye with a pencil. They were silly and looked like the rejected clothes from a New York fashion show. The movie follows Aeon Flux as she is assigned to eliminate a politician named Goodchild. The story takes place some 405 years in the future where almost all of humanity had been wiped out by a deadly virus.  Some five million people survived after they received a cure from the Goodwin family.  These five million have now locked themselves in a paradise-like city in the middle of a jungle. The society that they live in is one that is not unlike our current society where citizens trade away their privacy and rights for a little bit of security. There, of course, is a rebel underground movement. And that's what Aeon is part of. Her assignment goes awry because of a very special "surprise". Then the story continues as they layer on "surprise" after "surprise". For a movie that has a 93 minute running time, it sure did drag -- especially since it is supposed to be an action film. Whatever you do, stay away from Aeon Flux. What a waste of time. Charlize: Please no more action-hero roles for you. It just does not work. You should have taken note of your fellow Academy Award winning friend Halle Berry and her terrible action-hero movie Catwoman.

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