digg Changes...

june 26, 2006

Ugh.  As if the "We Love Google" attitude of most of the diggers wasn't enough... But, now I have to register to read some articles and when I click the links for articles, they open new windows.  Yes, I am a digg freeloader, but what does forcing me to register to see a link do?  I don't mind the opening of new windows for articles (I do that here on this site for links to external sites), I can understand why they want to do that -- to encourage commenting and show off advertisements.  I just don't like registering, it really does nothing.  I still have no real reason to comment and add to the silly fray that happens.  And digging an article that I found there doesn't really help since I get all my stuff from the RSS feed -- and those articles already have a tremendous amount of diggs.  My account at digg will be yet-another-empty-account.  Oh wells.

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