Everyone Wants To Be Like Yahoo!

july 7, 2006

Strange, Yahoo! must be doing something right if everyone wants to be like us. Google wants to go from search engine to all encompassing portal (mail, news, search, chat, etc)...Something that Yahoo!'s already doing... AOL had already started its Yahoo!-copycat moves when it started giving away its portal features for free. Now they are mulling whether or not to give away @aol.com email addresses and more content away for free.  Their move?  Go from paid walled-garden content provider to an advertisement-supported free content provider.  Wait.  Yahoo! is already doing that. I wish Wall Street and everyone else would give Yahoo! some much needed respect.  We are leading the way on the internet with innovative products and services -- and these moves are apparently the right moves if our competitors are now green with Yahoo!-envy.  Sigh.

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