Newer New Old Notebook

july 19, 2006

Does that make sense?

Anyways, today was the first day of Yahoo's annual Hardware Giveaway. Basically, all the retired hardware in the company gets gathered together in a building. People are given timeslots to come and browse the old hardware and take one piece of their choice. Last year, I got a PII/500 desktop. This year, I actually got a really nice piece of hardware.

I got a Compaq Evo N600c. It came with 512MB of RAM, no harddrive, and no power supply. But, that's OK. I had a spare 40GB harddrive at home and I picked up a universal power supply from Fry's after work. The screen on the machine is pretty good (still 1024x768, but I'm not complaining), it is really bright and sharp. The keyboard is pretty good too, not Apple Powerbook quality, but still very usable.

I installed Fedora Core 5 on the N600c and it is running really well, much faster than my old Linux notebook, the Compaq 1215US. I am going to reimage the Compaq 1215US and give that as a hand-me-down to some cousins on Eileen's side of the family. Hope they put that 1215US to good use. For me, I got a pretty good deal on the N600c!

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