The Heat. The Power. The Misery.

july 24, 2006

Hotter than Biscuits!
So, we're having issues at work and I was in the home-office pounding away at the keyboard. Eileen was off at Costco shopping. I had the ceiling fan and Vornado going to try to keep me cool and it is some 100+ degrees outside. Then something happened at 3:15pm yesterday, the fans went dead instantly. My internet connection? Down. Everything in the house was dead! Gah! Blackout. Shortly after the power went out, Eileen and I drove out to Salinas for a dinner party. The temperature was a nice 75 degrees. We kept calling home to see if the answering machine would pick up -- in other words, the power came back on. Nope. By the time we got home from Salinas at 10:30pm, the house was hot. It was upwards of 90 degrees inside and we were boiling. No fans, nothing. Across the street, there was power. On our side of the street, nothing. We tossed and turned in bed until 1am and couldn't take it anymore. We went into the kitchen, the coolest room in the house and slept on the floor there. This morning? No power. Sucks. We are one of about 35,000 households without power in San Jose. Today and tonight will not be much cooler. Hopefully, PG&E will be able to restore power to our house. I have a dreaded feeling that they won't.

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