Not Getting It

august 5, 2006

Ok, maybe I am dense.  Or maybe I'm just too uptight when to comes to details... My group at work has been interviewing a lot of candidates to fill in operations positions for upcoming projects.  As most of you know I work for Yahoo! and we sure get a lot of people coming through looking for jobs. Now, here's my problem.  It's not once or twice, but many times that this happens.  I get an email from HR asking me to do an interview with a candidate.  Attached to all of these emails are the candidate's resume for reference.  More times than I can count on my fingers, I have come across resumes with email addresses to So, maybe it is just me...But, if I were going to send in my resume to get a job at Yahoo!, I'd go and at least sign up for a free account at so that I could use it on the resume!  Am I being to uptight? I understand that some of these resumes may have been combed off of job hunting sites like hotjobs.  But, in the valley, you should at least have your own domain, especially if you're going to work for a dotcom.  At least then you'll have a company agnostic email address.

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