Red Hat Logos

august 11, 2006

While laying around in bed with gauze in my mouth and in a silly stooper, I had a weird idea. I figured that maybe I could get a hold of the SRPMs for Red Hat's artwork/logos and rebuild them into RPMs. (Oh yea, I'm running CentOS4 again). Not like I need to replace the CentOS logos and artwork, but I thought maybe it would be kind of cool to see what Red Hat Enterprise Linux looks likes (cosmetically). It did not take much work. The SRPMs are here. There's a bunch of devel packages that need to be installed to get rpmbuild working, but it's not that bad. This is a quick tutorial on how to build from SRPMs. I got it built and installed. The artwork is pretty much the same as the CentOS stuff (except for the replacement of "Red Hat" with "CentOS" and stuff). Thanks Red Hat for making your source available in easy to use SRPM packages. (Btw, I did switch back to the CentOS artwork and logos).

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