RX Test Driving

august 17, 2006

Eileen and I went testing driving today. We both drive coupes (Solara and Accord), and from what our friends with kids tell us, that is not a great idea for doing the baby thing. So, we have been looking at the Lexus RX350, Toyota Highlander and Toyota Camry. We stopped by Steven's Creek Lexus this morning to test drive the RX350. There was a slight wait as they were overwhelmed by customers when we stopped by. The facilities were luxurious. The service was also pretty fantastic (and we were happy that there was no pressure to buy). The RX is awesome. We test drove the front-wheel drive version with all the options. The RX drove like a car and had some pretty good get-up-and-go. After we had lunch, we stopped by a Toyota dealership on Steven's Creek and test drove a Highlander. It was a nice ride. It felt a lot like a RX without all the extra luxury. It did have a navigation system that was a lot like the RX. We decided not to test drive a Camry because it would probably drive just like my Solara. We also figure that we would like to have the extra room of a "mini-SUV", rather than a sedan. I think we're going to try out the Acura MDX soon.

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