ISO Mania

august 18, 2006

ISO Mania!
Just to show you my madness...Here is a picture (click pictures for a larger, more detailed view) of most of the Linux and BSDs I have downloaded and burned over the last few weeks for evaluation/playing. Missing is Gentoo, which I only used with VMware Server and used straight from an .iso image. List of OSes: I have CentOS on both CDs and DVD because I originally downloaded the DVD for installation on my notebook. Then when I wanted to build a play-server with my Athlon XP box, I found that I only had a CD-ROM drive in there. So, I had to download the CDs for installation on the Athlon box. As for Fedora Core, it was the other way around. I downloaded the CDs for upgrading (and blowing up) of my Athlon box when it was serving up Then when I got the notebook, it was easier to install/re-install from DVD (FC does this scan of each CD as it is inserted and it takes a long time).

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