Installing 2.0 on CentOS4

august 20, 2006

CentOS4 comes with 1.1.2, which works and stuff. But, I did want to upgrade it to the latest suite, which is at 2.0.3 right now. The process is pretty easy, but there was one hiccup for me. So, I'm just writing this up to document the procedure for myself -- use if you want to also. That will get it all installed. If you want to save a few hundred megabytes of diskspace, then do a: yum remove That will remove the 1.1.2 installation which is installed by default. The hiccup I had was that when I started any of the applications, it would take a minute for them to start up. My CPU would be pegged at 100% for most of that time also. Watching the processes that were running, I noticed that javaldx was taking up most of that time. What I found was that I did not have a JRE (Java Runtime Environment) installed on my system. And I really didn't need to. So, to make start up in a flash, I started up one of the apps. Then I went to Tools | Options. Under, you'll see the Java settings. Select that and uncheck "Use a Java runtime environment". (It will take a minute for this dialog box to show up as goes and tries to find a valid JRE). That's it! That's how you get 2.0.3 installed and running on CentOS4.

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