Is Hype All That People Remember?

august 21, 2006

Is hype all that people (ahem, investors) remember?  Because if it is, have I got a few bridges to sell. I have complained about this before.  And, here I am pointing out yet another Google flop.  This time around, it is the much hyped PayPal-killer from Google:  Google Checkout.  When it was released two months ago, the Google hype machine was at full tilt.  Google-lovers and Google-fanboys everywhere proclaimed that Ebay was going to be in trouble.  Google Checkout was going to kill off PayPal. Bah. Just like Google Talk, Google Finance, Google Pages, and Google Reader...Google Checkout is a much hyped flop and Ebay has nothing to worry about.  Don't believe me?  Check out this article.  There are some serious performance and stability issues with Checkout.  There are reports of removing Checkout because of performance.  And there are also reports of Checkout flubs which resulted in two weeks of trying to get an order cancelled. Remember, Checkout is not beta. The only thing Google seems to be good at is search.  But, as we are seeing:  The search market share for Google has topped out.  Investors should be a bit more wary at this point.  Google is throwing a lot of products out onto the market and not many of them are showing good returns.  Sure, the products get a lot of hype when the get released, but it's a lot of noise and not much get-up-and go.  Google's best product is showing signs of decline as competitors are getting a bigger piece of the pie in search. But, I have to wonder.  How short are investors' memories?  Is it only the hype that they remember?

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