Ubuntu: So Much for "Enterprise"

august 22, 2006

If Canonical is trying to court the enterprise customers, then it can't let something like this happen. There was a xorg release yesterday and it apparently was not tested. The result? Broken X all over the place. This does not bode well for Canonical who targetted this LTS ("Long Term Support") release at gaining some traction in corporations. And it certainly is a major screw up for them because they are known to be very newbie friendly, and this little update will completely hose the GUI for any 6.06 LTS system. At least with Red Hat (and CentOS), I can trust that any update that comes out will have undergone QA testing. I now have some serious doubts about Ubuntu -- even these "enterprise" aimed LTS releases. Earlier, I had thought that Canonical would put some extra QA/testing behind these LTS releases. Now, I know they don't and that's not very comforting. I wonder how happy a corporation would feel if one morning, all their systems updated to the latest xorg package available from Ubuntu servers and wham! all the GUIs die. The only way to fix this is some command-line work-around provided in the link above. It is probably even worse for the home user who thought that they could get away from Microsoft by using the "user-friendly" Ubuntu. Microsoft stuff may crash a lot, but never has Microsoft release something that took down the entire GUI. I am sure there are some home users that, after this, will have sworn off Linux completely. And that is a shame.

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