Can You Hear Me?

august 24, 2006

SimplyMEPIS 6 Running in CentOS4
Ever since I moved all the hosting of my domains out of the office in my house, the house has been pretty damn quiet. I just setup the old server box (an Athlon XP 2000+) as a workstation running CentOS -- which is coming in handy since my PowerBook may burst into flames from a bad Sony battery at any random moment. Now that the Athlon box is running again, I cannot believe how loud the thing is! It's like a freaking air conditioning unit. I can't believe that my wife and I put up with this kind of noise before! I now know why I like notebooks more. Sure, they aren't as ergonomic or what not, but they are rather quiet when compared to a CPU and power supply fan combination. Sure, notebooks still have fans, but they are a helluvalot more quiet than the ones on this beast. I would gladly have a desktop machine that is not as fast if it did not have to have a CPU cooling fan. Even better, I'd love to have a machine without a CPU cooling fan AND without a power supply fan! I'm thinking a VIA C3 running at 600Mhz in a small mini-ITX case with an external power supply would probably fit that bill. Too bad I don't have the (green back) bills to spend on something like that. Oh wells, I'll have to put up with the noise while I run this Athlon box. What do you run at home?  How loud is it?

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