My Exploding Battery

august 24, 2006

I guess Sony not only screwed up with Dell batteries, but also with Apple batteries.  This is a big fiasco for Sony and I am wondering how they will spin things. Apple has voluntarily recalled 1.8 million batteries that have the possibility of exploding.  This recall only affects PowerPC-based PowerBooks and iBooks.  Please check this Apple support page to find out if your battery is affected.  If you have an "at risk" battery, Apple will send you a replacement battery and a postage-paid return box for the old battery. My PowerBook 15" apparently has a (possible) exploding battery.  I just ordered my replacement and hope that it gets here quick.  For now, I'll hold off on using my PowerBook for extended periods of time.  I think I still have to use it for some stuff (iTunes, iSync), but I can use my CentOS notebook and also a CentOS desktop for most of my other stuff (goofing off, blogging, surfing and email).

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