Like to Hack?

august 29, 2006

Like to hack? Come to Yahoo! Hack Day. Yahoo! is opening up its campus to all hackers to come and hack for a whole day (24 straight hours!).

We'll kick things off on Friday, September 29th with a free all-day developer workshop. Then we'll launch a 24-hour Hack Day with an outdoor party into the wee hours, with special guests providing the soundtrack. (Details to come later, but we guarantee this won't be your usual corporate-wedding-band leading the crowd through 2am group sing-alongs of "Brick House." ) We'll hack through the night, keep going through Saturday morning, and wind it all up that evening with hacker demos, judging from a panel of luminaries. and special awards for the coolest hacks. We'll have special guest speakers all weekend, with Michael Arrington of TechCrunch presiding over the festivities. And after nightfall we'll close things out with another round of entertainment that you would be happy to pay for, except that you won't have to.

So...If you like to hack...Sign up!

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