Black Monster

september 1, 2006

Seiko Black Monster
I don't know why, but of all my watches, I love my Seiko Black Monster (SKX779) the most. I love all my self-setting and solar G-Shocks. I love my Brietling. But, it is the Black Monster that I keep coming back to. It now has another nickname as well, "The French Watch". No, I didn't get it in France. But, I wore it to France and everytime I put the Black Monster on, it reminds me of Paris. I don't know exactly why I love to wear the Monster so much, but I attribute it to some of these reasons: Maybe I should call the watch "Macho Libre" cause it invokes so much...manliness. The watch is not perfect.  It is not spot on "sync'd with atomic clock" accurate.  Hell, if I don't wear it for a day, it's dead and completly stopped.  I have to wear the watch for it to keep running.  I have to shake the watch alive if it is dead.  I have to constantly set the watch because it is either dead or off (the watch seems to gain time). But still, Macho Libre is a very cool watch and still the best watch for daily wear.

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