september 9, 2006

Eileen and I went test driving on Thursday -- and I fell in love with the Acura RDX. My, oh my, that is one nice SUV. It is a bit smaller than the previous #1 pick for me, the Lexus RX350 -- but the damned thing is sweet. The turbo-charged 2.3L inline 4 had some serious "go" to it and there was no noticeable lag to the turbo. We test drove the RDX with the "technology package" on it, meaning it had a 10-speaker sound system, voice-controlled navigation, Bluetooth, and all sorts of other tech goodies. The ride was very stiff and we did feel all the bumps in the road. Now that I have had a day and a little to reflect on the RDX, I think the RDX may just be a bit too small for our needs. The thing is shorter than my Solara! It is one of those "I'd love to, but..." things. I think the Lexus RX350 is still the ultimate choice since it is large enough for the upcoming baby and changes in life -- plus it still has all the tech goodies that I want (navigation, Bluetooth, etc). We also test drove the Nissan Murano, which was a very smooth ride because of the CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission -- here is how it works). I really do like the Murano from the outside. It is a nice looking SUV. The CVT is also a big selling point for the SUV. Also, the one that we test drove had the full package inside, so it also had a navigation system (though, I don't think it had Bluetooth). The problem was that the interior of the Murano was...for lack of a better word: Clunky. For the money, it just did not feel it inside. We still have a two SUVs we want to try out: Subaru B9 Tribeca and Porsche Cayenne (just cause we can test drive it!)

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