RHEL5 Beta 1

september 10, 2006

Well, I got RHEL5 Beta 1 installed in a VM and it ran.  It did not run very well, but still it ran enough for me to look around.  Mainly, my mouse was going nuts inside RHEL5b1, all my clicks were registered as double-clicks.  That makes it kind of hard selecting things.  And those happy dialog boxes with a lot of "Next" buttons strung together?  Whee, I only got to see half of the screens!  I was surprised that RHEL5b1 was using Gnome 2.15, I figured Red Hat would be using Fedora Core 5 as the base for RHEL5, so I thought that RHEL5 would include Gnome 2.14.  I guess not.  The beta crashed a lot and is generally just...well...test software.  It was worth a look though.  I look forward to seeing the final product (in the form of CentOS5) at the end of the year.

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