Enough, Mr. Lucas

september 12, 2006

Ok, so it is finally out: The original theatrical releases of all the original Star Wars trilogy (Episodes IV, V and VI). Lucas originally said that the 1997 Special Edition of these films were the definitive versions. Then in 2004 he tweaked the 1997 tweaked version of the films. The 2004 version was the version that was released on DVD. Now, Lucas has finally released the original versions on DVD. Completely unaltered. Thank you George. This is the last version I'll buy. The three films come individually packed. Each pack has two discs, the first disc is the 2004 version (which most Star Wars fans will already have). The second disc is the original version. The original version is a non-anamorphic transfer with a Dolby Surround (yes, 2.0 channels) soundtrack.  It looks and sounds OK. That being said, stop tweaking and releasing Star Wars!  Enough is enough!

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