Star Wars

september 20, 2006

I haven't seen the original version of Star Wars in a long time. Today, I popped in the original version DVD and the 2004 version. I watched a few scenes and I must say, Lucas really shouldn't have touched the original. Sure, the fancy Dolby 6.1 EX sound is excellent and the cleaned up visuals are great. But, the changes -- as subtle as they maybe to non-Star Wars fans -- are quite jarring when I acutally saw them side-by-side. The major one that is always mentioned is the Han-shoots-first scene with Greedo. In the original Han does shoot Greedo first. In the 2004 version, Han and Greedo shoot at about the same time. I remember the Special Edition had Greedo shooting first. It might not seem like much to the casual watcher, but it changes the character of Han a lot. Visual changes like the upgrading of Mos Eisley are nice, but did Lucas really have to add them? Not really. The Mos Eisley of the original is just fine. Am I purist? Probably. What do you think? Should Lucas have just left well enough alone? I would have been happy if Lucas had gotten the originals and cleaned up the visuals (frame by frame, like he did for the Special Edition) and released that (even with the stereo soundtrack intact).

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