Why Linux is Better Than Mobile Phones

september 21, 2006

So, my past obsession was with mobile phones. My current obsession (if you haven't noticed) is with Linux distros. Here's why a Linux obsession is better than a mobile phone obsession:

  1. Cheaper - The Linux distros I play with are all free. The only cost I incur are the cost of media and bandwidth. Mobile phones on the other hand are quite expensive.
  2. More Productive - I may use my mobiles for phone calls, web surfing, emailing, texting, contacts and calendaring (oh, ok and some gaming). But, I use my Linux boxes for VoIP calling, contacts, calendaring, gaming, surfing, emailing, texting, programming, writing, working, learning, and so much more.
  3. Resume - What I learn with Linux will eventually boil down to something that I can use at work and use on my resume.  Not really so with my mobile phones.
  4. More - There are lots of mobiles, yes. But, there are a helluvalot more distros than mobiles to play with. Distrowatch lists not hundreds of distros, but thousands of them. Yay! I've only played with a few when looked at in that perspective.
There are somethings that mobile phone obsessions have over Linux obsessions though:
  1. Sex Appeal - Whip out a sleek mobile phone and it is possible to hear something like, "Wow, is that the new Motorola SLVR with iTunes?" But, this I can't ever imagine this: "Wow, is that the new version of CentOS?" when I pull out my notebook.
  2. Mass Appeal - "Whoa, cool a 3 megapixel camera and MP3 player in your phone?" = Possible. "Holy crap! Linux kernel 2.6.18 stable?" = Not possible.
Anyhoo.  Late night posting as I am finishing up some late night work.

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