New Wallet

september 26, 2006

My old burnt orange Timbuk2 ID Wallet went through the washer and dryer this Sunday -- it did not come out of that ordeal too well. It's all wrinkled and stuff. Anyways, Sunday I went to Timbuk2 to see about ordering a replacement, but found out that Timbuk2 does not make the ID Wallets anymore. That's a shame because it's a nice little wallet and money clip combination -- and it helped me keep from collecting a stack of receipts in my wallet because I was forced to keep only what could fit in the ID wallet. I ended up ordering a black/burnt orange Timbuk2 Bifold Wallet. It is a lot bigger than the ID Wallet, but I can shove more stuff into it (oh no, here comes a fat wallet again, and it ain't gonna be fat with cash). The wallet showed up today -- pretty fast, but you have to consider that I live in South San Jose and TImbuk2 is in San Francisco. It's the same high quality materials and construction. As long as I can remember to take my wallet out of my pocket before throwing my pants in the wash, it should last a long time. Now, I must find a way to get Timbuk2 to start making those ID Wallets again. Those things were great.

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