best damn hosting company on the planet

october 3, 2006

The best damn hosting company on the planet just got better.

So, thanks to JR, I have been with DreamHost for a few months and they are pretty damn good. Yea, they had some problems recently, but the problems have all been corrected. Now things are better than ever.

I logged into the DreamHost control panel today and saw that my disk storage was at 200GB+ and my monthly transfer was at 2TB+. That made me scratch my head. Did they mess up? Nope. Looks like they boosted storage by ten and transfer by two.

Now I'm trying to figure out, what can I put up there? How can I be that top 1% of users that truly take advantage of everything that is offered? I was thinking about mirroring CentOS or something. That would be in the neighborhood of 150GB of storage. What kind of bandwidth will I need though? We'll see.

DreamHost is the best damn hosting company on the planet.

JR thinks that DreamHost is probably overbooked on a lot of stuff right now and I think he's probably right. We'll see just how DreamHost can handle all of this.

Update 4/13/2009:  JR was right.  They are sorely overbooked and now their systems are crumbling.  More information here.  If you're thinking about using Dreamhost:  Don't.  You've been warned.

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