We Was Robbed!

october 3, 2006

Ok, it took me two tries to get into Firefly, but after I did...Man, what a great show! Now, I have to rent Serenity again and view that. I must say, Fox was pretty shortsighted to let this one go -- actually, they were really retarded to kill this show off. It looks like Fox is not willing to take the chance to build up viewership over time. A show is either an instant hit or it is gone (recent example would be the show Reunion). My theory is that if the new version of Battlestar Galactica was done on Fox, it would not survived half the first season. Fox execs would have probably demanded that the show go more action and less "brainy" -- because, as we all know, TV watching folk aren't in it to think, we're just all about the explosions and gunfire and all. Firefly is a very well-written show with some loveable characters -- I was going to list a few that I really liked, but I really do like them all. How well did I love these characters? I had a real sense of sadness when I was watching the last episode because I knew that was it for the crew of Serenity. The show was a massive character study of the nine crew members of Serenity. And as such, it was a stunning success. Firefly is very much a "space opera" type show (as is Serenity), but without the political hoo-hah crap that the Star Wars prequels had. Firefly was just plain fun. One of my favorite episodes was Our Mrs. Reynolds. That was a great mix of comedy, action, and adventure. It had me laughing more than I can remember from watching any other TV show. And I have to say: Joss Whedon is a writing genius. I am glad that I watched the series Firefly. It is a TV gem. We was robbed of a great TV show by Fox.

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