Battlestar Galactica Season 3

october 6, 2006

Welp, the time has come for the best show on TV to return. I just finished watching the two-hour season premiere of Battlestar Galactica and I have to say, I am a little disappointed.  After a really nice change of pace at the end of last season, this season starts off a bit slow. This episode could have fit into an hour and a half.  It seemed a bit drawn out and the pacing was way off.  I am glad that they have taken the effort to try to explain everything for us -- especially since the show jumped a year into the future last season and it looks like they have skipped another four months for the premiere.  The problem is that the ground-based stuff is pretty dry.  There is not much interesting on the ground.  And there is not enough of of Battlestar Galactica in this episode -- and especially not enough of Adama. Don't get me wrong, a disappointing episode of Battlestar Galactica is still a lot better TV than most shows currently on (with the exception of Lost).  Maybe my expectations were too high.  I cannot wait to see what the upcoming season brings.  Battlestar Galactica and Lost still top my list of must-watch-TV.

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