Vantec NetStar LX...Gone...

october 21, 2006

I returned the Vantec NetStar LX today.  I had it less than a week and today I found something that forced me to return it.  I ftp'd over the CentOS DVD image from my Powerbook G4 to the NetStar.  The transfer rate was OK (hovered at around 3MB/s).  I was putting it on the NAS so that I could grab it with my CentOS notebook.  I wanted to install CentOS into a virtual machine and try out Oracle 9g Express Edition.  I tried to transfer the DVD image three times from the NetStar and each time the NetStar would time out!  Grr.  Worse yet, it would time out randomly.  300MB, 1.5GB and 450MB.  It was very strange, but it was something that I couldn't live with.  A NAS should be able to transfer large files -- and a 2.2GB file is not that much of a file. Oh well, I took the 400GB drive out of the NetStar and moved it over to my storage server.  I took out the 5400RPM 160GB drive from the storage server and added the 400GB drive (the other 160GB drive is a 7200RPM drive and it is still in the storage server). Since I was going to have to rebuild the storage server from scratch, I figured I'd give OpenFiler a go.  The installation of OpenFiler was pretty easy.  The configuration, a mess.  I couldn't figure it out.  I got some PVs setup.  I got an LVM setup.  I got shares setup.  I turned on all the services.  Yet, nothing.  I have since put CentOS back on the box and am now re-rsyncing all the notebooks in the house to the storage server.

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