Like Tagging Sheep

october 24, 2006

JR switched over to from myweb for social bookmarking. His reason was simple: myweb didn't do things the way that he liked it. My reason? Because I'm curious. I did sign up for delicious (from here on, I am dropping the silly periods) a while back when I was toying with Flock. But, after using myweb, I really didn't play with delicious anymore. All my stuff was saved into myweb and I didn't feel like moving it over to delicious. Today when I tried to move my bookmarks from myweb to delicious, I didn't have any problems like JR. I simply exported from myweb and imported from delicious. It took a few minutes for the bookmarks to show up, but they eventually dide (I guess the backend servers were a bit busy). All the tags were done right and all my bookmarks imported correctly. Like JR, I am a bit miffed that all my imports were marked private -- but, I totally understand the thinking behind this: Keep the spammers away. Now, there was stuff from myweb that did miff me -- here are two: First, I want my bookmarks to show up by default -- not the "What's Popular" page. Second, when I bookmark something with a pop-up window, I want the window to close after I am done. There are some benefits to myweb though. The biggest being the integration with Yahoo! Search. I am going to give delicious a good try this time. There are a bunch of stuff that I like about it. The biggest things are that delicious fixes the annoyances mentioned above. I can go to a page that shows just my bookmarks. And when I bookmark something, the pop-up window closes after I save the page. Another nice thing is the Firefox extension for delicious. It adds two buttons to the main button bar! Space-saving! I don't have to waste a lot of space with the Yahoo! Toolbar. My wife and a lot of people use the Yahoo! Toolbar, but I don't find much use for it and it just wastes screen real estate. And that is the "easy" way to get myweb access. The other way is to do a bookmarks bar, then put the myweb bookmarklet in there. I like the delicious way better. Oh, and there seems to be way more people using delicious, which results in better results. The only thing is that there isn't seemless integration with Yahoo! Search. I'm probably going to experiment with integrating delicious into also. I'll see how well that goes. Anyways, I hope delicious is tasty.

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