Unfakeable Linux

october 26, 2006

Red Hat is going on the offensive...defensive...about Oracle's move into Red Hat territory. First up, an FAQ about what and what Unbreakable Linux is.
Q: Will Oracle's product result in a "fork" of the operating system? A: Yes. The changes Oracle has stated they will make will result in a different code base than Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Simply put, this derivative will not be Red Hat Enterprise Linux and customers will not have the assurance of compatibility with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux hardware and application ecosystem..
Agreed. Oracle is saying that they won't be forking RHEL. But, how will they maintain "binary compatibility" when they are providing packages and "fixes" of their own. There is no way that Oracle's Unbreakable Linux will be exactly like RHEL unless Oracle is only providing rebuilds of Red Hat fixes (which, I am guessing is what Oracle is actually doing).

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