Hardhat Zone

october 30, 2006

Everytime I logout of my bank's online system, I see this ad.  Everytime I see this ad, I feel there is something plainly wrong about the ad.  I figured, why not examine the ad together?
  1. The kitchen is brand new.
  2. Are these two remodelling a brand new kitchen?
  3. If so, does the bank want people to frivolously spend money remodelling new kitchens?
  4. Oh, they have just finished remodelling their kitchen and are checking it out.
  5. If so, why the hardhats?
  6. Are hardhats in style now a days?
  7. If they kitchen has just been done, why does it look lived in?  (Fruit, knife set, etc).
  8. Does this couple trust the handy work of their contractor?
  9. Are they afraid something will fall on their heads from their newly remodelled kitchen?
  10. Aha, they are buying this house from someone else?
  11. He doesn't like the kitchen?
  12. She doesn't like the kitchen?
The madness of it all.  What do you think?

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