november 1, 2006

Over the last week, I have been playing a lot of Advance Wars: Dual Strike. I had put it down a while back because I got stuck in the first "Dual Strike" mission. But, finally, I figured maybe I could get through it -- and I did. It was not too bad after I got the hang of how "Dual Strike" missions work. I have always loved the Advance Wars series and with Dual Strike, I still love it a lot. They did not make too many major changes to Dual Strike from the previous two releases. The big changes are the "Dual Strike" missions where a war takes place on two fronts (one on each screen) and the addition of more COs. There are some new vehicles and stuff, but they fit in so well with the old classics, they really don't stand out. There are two different types of controls for the game. The classic D-pad plus buttons or the new touch-screen interface. I prefer the classic controls because they are a bit more precise (it doesn't sound like it makes sense, but the D-pad controls are better). The graphics in the game are the same as before, I guess they may have beefed up some of it to bring it up to the higher resolution of the Nintendo DS. Oh, a nice feature now is that when the cursor is hovered over a unit, the stats display on the top screen. In the old games, I would have to press a shoulder button to get the stats for a unit. I haven't gotten to really give the wireless games a go. I tried once with my brother-in-law, but we only tried the Combat mode and that mode was pretty lame. There are a lot of extras in the game, including a nice map editor (where the touch-screen comes in handy). Also the medals system is pretty ingenius. I have only 11 of 300 medals right now (sigh). Anyways, the current game in my Nintendo DS is Advance Wars: Dual Strike -- with Tetris DS swapped in and out when I don't want to think too much.  What games are you playing?

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