All Is Not Lost

november 5, 2006

For the longest time, I expounded that the only place that real (and good) classical compositions are featured (to the masses) is within films. Things seemed to have expanded.  I am glad that there is a small change in the TV music landscape. And the change is coming from two composers that I really admire now that I have listened to their work. When I watched the show Alias, I noticed immediate that the score was a lot more than a normal TV show score. Michael Giacchino was the man behind the score. Although his Alias score was good, his score for Lost is even better. A friend of mine said that anyone can write for an action sequence, it is the emotional compositions that are difficult to write. Giacchino can definitely write action stuff, but his emotional compositions is where he shines. A good example is from the second season CD, the song "The Gathering" in which two groups of people reunite. There are two husbands reuniting with their respective wives. Even without the visuals, this composition is incredibly powerful. The score for the show Lost is a gem and if you like classical music, shouldn't be missed out on. The other composer is a little less known because his work is not on one of the major networks. His name is Bear McCreary and he does the scores for Battlestar Galactica. He too has put together some good action sequences only to outdo himself with emotional tracks. He uses the same theme for two songs which are outstanding. I am disappointed that I cannot find a sample of the first of the two songs to share, it is titled "Passacaglia" and it is a lush gorgeous composition. The second composition is titled "The Shape of Things to Come" from the first season of Battlestar Galactica. This second composition is just as lush and gorgeous as Passacaglia, but it is shorter and like a little morsel of musical goodness. Anyways, if you like classical scores, do check out the music coming from these two composers.  Together they have release four CDs worth of music and each of the CDs is well-worth the money.

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