november 8, 2006

So, now that the Democrats have the House and are pretty close to taking the Senate...I hope they have the backbone to be the check-and-balance for our out-of-control President. Two interesting things that floated across my news reader today that caught my eye... It is a sad state in our country, when paying people a decent wage causes the value of a stock to go down! Wal-Mart pays slave wages to their workers and now that the Democrats are about to take control of Congress, let me quote: "Shares of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. slipped on Wednesday as some investors worried that big political wins by Democrats could bring higher payroll costs and derail the retailer's efforts to open a bank." So, pay people like they are slaves is OK. But, pay people a decent wage is not OK. Sad. Second, President Bush conceded that their Iraq policy is not working well enough. "Bush insisted he remained 'committed to victory' in Iraq but acknowledged things were not going as well as he wanted." The problem I see with Bush's stubborn-headedness on "victory" in Iraq is that he has no idea what the end-game is. He has not defined what "victory" is and whatever he thinks it is continues to move around.  Tell us President Bush, what is the definition of "victory" in Iraq?

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