Greedy Game Stores

november 13, 2006

As we all know, when a new game console comes out...Game retailers will get greedy. These retailers will sell the consoles only in "bundles". Remember the whole $1000+ Xbox 360 bundle that Gamestop was trying to push?

Unfortunately it's become all too common in recent years for retailers, particularly specialty stores like GameStop/EB, to pull a fast one on consumers who are all too eager to get the newest consoles at launch.
The same thing is happening with the PS3 and Wii launches. Gamestop and EB (and most likely Best Buy) are getting greedy and not selling stand-alone consoles. Instead, they are throwing together "bundles" of crap that we don't need. I am sure there will be hordes of dumb-asses (and I really mean that) who will have pre-ordered or will walk into a store to buy one of these expensive bundles. That only encourages this behaviour from these greedy game stores. For the rest of us, I am sure we will do the right thing. Wait a little bit and then buy when there is enough stock. Being the first in the neighbourhood to have a PS3 or Wii? Not really worth the extra price of admission. Sorry.  The only way to send a message to retailers participating in this bundling action is to not buy from them. And to Gamestop and EB: Screw you. You guys suck.

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