Yahoo! Reorganization

december 6, 2006

The (somewhat expected) news was released just as I was leaving the office.  I am still thinking about it and will post more soon. Yahoo! is reorganizing and here is how our CEO, Terry Semel puts it:

Simply put, we’re aligning our business around two key customer groups — our audience and our advertisers and publishers — supported by innovative technology. We’re creating three operating groups — Audience, Advertiser & Publisher, and Technology — to increase our strategic focus and accountability, speed decision-making, emphasize scalable platforms and improve resource allocation.
Quick thoughts?  Sue Decker as COO, cool!  It looks like she is being groomed to be the next CEO of Yahoo! and I think that is great news.  The focus on people rather than technology?   A good step in the right direction.  Yahoo! is an internet media company, not a technology company.  I am glad that upper management is being honest and upfront about this.  More later...

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